Cultivate Your Talent

Developing your career or corporate culture requires regular attention and focus, as well as root skills to create a solid foundation upon which to grow. As our name implies, at Cultivate Consulting our goal is to help you cultivate your talents to create a healthy and prosperous career or company. It's not easy, but with our help along with your own investment of time and energy, you can achieve breakthroughs and insights to set you on a path toward success. To set up a free consultation with me, Jennifer Ghelfi-De Smedt, founder, owner and Chief Culture Officer of Cultivate Consulting, please fill out our contact form.

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Transition Coaching

Are you unemployed, underemployed or struggling in your current role? Get 1:1 coaching to help bring clarity to your professional goals and achieve a new standard of meaningful work and success.
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Executive Coaching

Learn from an insider. With our executive coaching, you get 1:1 strategic guidance tailored to your needs and situation all designed to help you become a more effective leader and live up to your potential.
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People & Culture Consulting

When you think about the companies you admire most, is your company on the list? If not, it should be. Transform your organization by investing in your human capital.
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              My recommended programs include Tracom's Social Style and Taylor Protocols' Core Values.


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